If you serve a large population of customers, partners, and stakeholders, the success of your business is determined by the collective behavior of these people. Will they adopt your new product? How will an emerging trend impact them? What would happen if you pursued one strategy over another?

Our services team helps you improve decision-making in the face of uncertainty by untangling complex population dynamics. Using our platform, we work with you to model key questions and scenarios, allowing you to compare competing strategies, identify inflection points, de-risk operations, communicate key results, forecast trends, and assess impacts before they happen.

Our clients include

National School Boards Association

How We Can Help

Leverage dynamic computational modeling to benefit the people you seek to serve.

illustration of scenarios

Improve resiliency by evaluating a wide range of future scenarios.

illustration of policy comparison

Make more informed decisions by comparing the impact of different policies or strategies.

illustration of deliverables and communication tools

Communicate the data behind your decisions with powerful visualizations and reports.

Case Studies

  • Resultant (Formerly, KSM)

    Data scientists at Resultant use our modeling platform to generate actionable insights and data visualizations for a range of government clients, informing high-stakes policy decisions.

  • State of Indiana

    The State of Indiana uses our COVID-19 simulations to improve pandemic response, evaluate mitigation measures, gauge public-health impact, and craft data-based policies.

  • A Michigan Health System

    Epistemix forecasted hospital admissions, emergency department visits, and capacity alerts for facilities across a Michigan health system, to plan for a COVID-19 surge. Read More

  • Javits Center New York City

    In April, NY NOW used Epistemix simulations to show they could safely host their convention at the Javits Center in August. Read More

Unlock the Power of Simulation

  • Typical projects start with an in-depth demo with our data scientists, so you can explore the capabilities of our technology.

  • Then we work with you and your team to determine a business problem of sufficient enterprise value to justify a pilot.

  • In collaboration with you, our data scientists build a model and run simulations to generate insights that solve the business problem and deliver direct value.

  • Successful pilots graduate to full commercial contracts that include a platform license with ongoing data science support, empowering your team to build models and run simulations themselves.