Build something that matters.

We founded Epistemix to give leaders the tools to understand and manage society’s biggest problems: pandemics, climate change, political polarization—issues that affect large groups of people.

Why? Because if you don’t account for population dynamics, you lose the forest for the trees.

Populations behave differently than individuals, and population dynamics determine the outcome of every choice a leader makes, whether you’re passing a law, launching a product, championing a cause, or responding to a crisis. These dynamics ultimately impact people’s everyday lives. If your neighbors install solar panels, you might be more likely to put some on your roof. A virus might affect your body in a certain way, but how quickly it spreads through your town depends on how many people are vaccinated against it and what mitigation measures people take. Understanding population dynamics can even explain how Oprah selecting Malcolm Gladwell’s new book for her book club can accelerate an idea into the culture, seeding word-of-mouth network effects.

Epistemix empowers leaders to create positive change by simulating the impact of key decisions on the people they serve. Our platform models entire populations with realistic social dynamics—organizations, cities, and even countries—letting you test ideas in software before committing to them in the real world. Governments, businesses, health systems, and researchers use our tool to manage risks, reduce uncertainty, model what-if scenarios, compare interventions, and communicate insights.

We’ve been using our technology to fight epidemics for a decade, but this is just the beginning. To create the right tools for managing population dynamics, we need the right people. We need people who bring diverse perspectives to bear on tough problems. We need people who follow their curiosity into the far reaches of the unknown. We need people who take their work more seriously than themselves. We need people who would rather make an assist to a teammate than dunk on an opponent. We need people who ask hard questions and challenge assumptions. We need people who put their extraordinary gifts to work in service of humanity. We need people who choose to see the seemingly impossible as a challenge to be met rather than an excuse for inaction.

If that’s you, then we want to work with you. Please apply even if your experience doesn’t precisely match the job description. Your skills and passion will stand out if your career has taken some extraordinary twists and turns. To join our growing team, send us an email and resume.

Together, we can build something that matters.