Help us build the platform to unlock the promise of simulation for human good.

We founded Epistemix to help organizations to understand and manage society’s biggest problems: pandemics, climate change, political polarization—issues that affect large groups of people.

Trust is critical for our users and decision makers who rely on our platform to make big decisions. In joining our team, you will be signing up to move forward a vision that decision making around the world can move from intuition and good intentions to a deeper understanding of what drives the way the world works - the behaviors of large populations.

Whether an organization is passing a law, launching a product, championing a cause, or responding to a crisis - social dynamics underlie everything we do. Consider this - if your neighbors install solar panels, you might be more likely to put some on your roof. A virus might affect your body in a certain way, but how quickly it spreads through your town depends on a lot more than just who is vaccinated or not. Understanding population dynamics can even explain how Oprah selecting Malcolm Gladwell’s new book for her book club can accelerate an idea into the culture, seeding word-of-mouth network effects.

To create the right tools for managing population dynamics, we need the right people and right culture. What drives our culture is our company values - what we hire, reward, and fire people around. Before applying - please read our values to see if they align with what you are looking for.

  • Curiosity - you are intellectually curious and find joy in more deeply understanding the things you work on.
  • Empathy - you can take another's point of view. Whether it is a user of our platform or the challenge they are seeking to solve - we do the work for others.
  • Grit - working in a startup is challenging. It is difficult in many ways - do you have the stomach for the hard times, not just the wins?
  • Generosity - you share your knowledge and skills for the betterment of the team.
  • Accountable - you do what you say and hold others to do the same. When something doesn't go well, you own it, find the lesson, share it, and move on.
  • Resourceful - you create ways to scale your impact with limited resources.
  • Inspiration - you are the type of person others want to work with. You know the difference between leadership and management. You aspire to empower others.

If that’s you, then we want to work with you. Please apply even if your experience doesn’t precisely match the job description. Your skills and passion will stand out if your career has taken some extraordinary twists and turns. To join our growing team, send us an email and resume.

Together, we can build something that matters.