Choose better futures.

We empower leaders to make better
by simulating the human
impact of the
choices they face.

National School Boards Association

With its realistic population dynamics, our simulation platform gives governments, enterprises, and health systems the tools they need to model realistic scenarios, compare interventions, and communicate results.

The best decision is a fully informed decision.

While vaccines are being deployed across the United States, the future course of the COVID-19 pandemic remains uncertain. Our team has spent decades using epidemiological simulation to combat smallpox, measles, HIV, SARS, MERS, and other epidemics—often in partnership with groups like CDC and WHO. Now, we’re using the same platform to evaluate reopening plans, identify crucial risks, extrapolate the specific impacts of key decisions, and help you lead the way out of the pandemic.


See how businesses, event organizers, governments, and schools are using our models to navigate a safe path to recovery.

Who We Serve

  • Health Systems

    Estimate hospitalizations, ICU needs, understand impacts of social distancing, and forecast changes in the COVID-19 epidemic in the populations you cover.

  • State & Local Governments

    Simulate COVID-19 policy interventions to compare the health, social, and economic consequences of different reopening strategies.

  • Event Organizers

    Evaluate recovery scenarios to inform capacity planning, demonstrate rigorous analysis to regulators and stakeholders, and grow revenue while protecting public health.

  • Enterprise

    Improve and validate your return-to-office plans, compare mitigation measures, and respond quickly as local conditions change.

  • Schools

    Compare the implications of specific reopening strategies for your district, communicate critical decisions to parents, and keep kids, staff, and communities safe.

  • Researchers & Data Scientists

    Build modular, scalable, and extensible agent-based models on our platform to realistically simulate entire populations and possible futures.