Prototype geospatial solutions with a realistic synthetic population of the United States.

Decision makers want to see value in geospatial analytics before committing budget, but those analytics often depend on sensitive in-house data or expensive third-party data.

Epistemix enables you to demonstrate and deliver more value to customers by prototyping analytics solutions using our statistically accurate, geospatially located synthetic population of the United States.

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Our synthetic population lets you run rigorous geospatial analyses with or without access to client or third-party population data.

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Forecast the impact of what-if scenarios with our simulation engine.

Map of COVID-19 spread in New York City

Import a rich, statistically accurate synthetic population of the United States.

Graph showing a heat-map of COVID-19 infection risk for a specific event

Communicate key results to decision makers and stakeholders.

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With their sophisticated analytical tools, Epistemix provides the insights we need to chart a course toward not just recovery, but resilience.

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Integrate our synthetic population into your geospatial analytics.