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Predictive analytics to right size your health & safety protocols

Epistemix Events Solution

We provide you with detailed risk analysis specific to your event and stay on top of the latest public health concerns so you don't have to.

For your event or venue we offer:

  • Health and safety forecast
  • Risk score for the event in your city
  • Health and safety recommendations specific to your event and location
  • Copy for your health and safety communications
  • Automatic updates including the latest public health data available


Simplified control panel of COVID-19 mitigation strategies

Compare the efficacy of specific mitigation measures for your event.

Map of COVID-19 spread in New York City

Forecast attendee, staff, and community health impacts across a variety of scenarios.

Graph showing a heat-map of COVID-19 infection risk for a specific event

Communicate key results to regulators, attendees, exhibitors, and other stakeholders.

Using Epistemix during the height of the Omicron surge to safely open a mega-event in California’s capitol was invaluable. We wanted to follow science and real-time data to guide our decision-making. Epistemix allowed us to be proactive with our messaging, communication, and policies when we held our in-person event in January 2022.

Dan Howard

Executive Director,

Unified Wine and Grape Symposium, LLC

Our Partners

National School Boards Association

The often confusing, complicated, and inaccurate information circulating about COVID made it almost impossible for ISA to make appropriate health and safety protocol decisions for ISA International Sign Expo. We needed trusted data based on facts, not the headline of the moment. The experts from Epistemix provided meaningful and timely analytics, including a very well-received webinar for exhibitors, that helped the ISA Board make the right decision for our event.

Lori Anderson

President & CEO,

International Sign Association

About Epistemix

Epistemix has worked with city and state leaders in public health and the Exhibition & Conference Alliance to develop a decision support solution that meets the needs for organizers and public health officials. Our work incorporates the latest science on COVID-19, including vaccination booster shots and the Omicron variant.

Since the Event Planning product was introduced in August 2021 to address the needs of the exhibition, conference, and sports industries, Epistemix has forecast the spread of COVID-19 in 22 different cities across 13 states, including New York City, Orlando, Dallas, Chicago, Los Vegas, and San Francisco.  We have simulated events with as few as 150 attendees and up to 70,000. Across all customers we’ve simulated an average of just over 11,000 attendees per event.

Our exclusive results help event organizers plan for and communicate with attendees and exhibitors for their upcoming event. Epistemix is an independent company, and data collected is for simulation purposes only. Data is not shared for any other purpose or with any other company.

Partnering with Epistemix has been extremely valuable to the International Housewares Association as we develop policies that allow our industry to safely gather at The Inspired Home Show. The intelligence, forecasting and expert analysis & direction allowed our board of directors to make informed decisions on how best to move forward during these unprecedented times.

Derek Miller

CEO & President,

International Housewares Association

Predictive analytics to right size your health & safety protocols