Maximize in-person learning.

School boards and superintendents face complex COVID-related policy, instructional, and staffing decisions with high-stakes implications.

Epistemix uses data science tools to empower education leaders by simulating the impact of your policy options on your unique school community so that you can make informed decisions.

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Epistemix provides the actionable insights you need to safely maximize in-person learning in your district.

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Compare the efficacy of specific mitigation strategies like masking, return policies, and vaccination levels.

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Leverage rigorous forecasts to reduce uncertainty, prepare contingencies, and plan ahead.

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Communicate key results to administrators, teachers, parents, students, and other stakeholders.

"In addition to making the usual safety, operational, and educational decisions, superintendents are now expected to assess the current landscape in order to make critical choices regarding public health.

Epistemix helps to lead the way by providing much-needed projection and modeling data that can help superintendents make more informed decisions.”

Neil English


Riverview School District

Keep your schools healthy, open, and resilient.