Epistemix makes software that simulates how emergent phenomena like diseases and ideas spread through populations. Modelers use our platform to forecast the social, economic, health, and political consequences of key interventions, enabling leaders to make decisions based on scientific best-practice.

Health Care Systems

Estimate hospitalizations, ICU needs, and other resources, understand impacts of various social distancing measures, and forecast changes in the COVID-19 epidemic in the populations you cover.

State and Local Governments

Simulate COVID-19 policy interventions to compare the public-health, social, and economic consequences of different social distancing and reopening strategies.


Improve your risk management by modeling the impact of your response to COVID-19 across your internal operations, customers, competitors, and supply chain.

Venues and Large Events

Evaluate reopening scenarios to inform capacity planning and grow revenue while protecting public health.

Researchers and Developers

Build models on our platform, get access to COVID-19-specific resources, and connect with our community of users.


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